On 26-29 April, the national multiplier event took place in Greece, as part of the 7th Student Digital Creation Festival (Digifest) – an educational event that allows students to present digital works developed in their schools. The Festival started in 2011 as a way for students to present their Computer Science projects to other people, and it is now open to all interested individuals and gives students, teachers, parents and visitors an opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves in innovative, educational and recreational activities on Information and Digital Technology. Too see more information about this event click here www.digifest.info.

This event was a great opportunity to disseminate the project’s main resources (namely the curriculum guide) to a large amount of people. Especially since this type of event brings together all members of the project’s target audience (students, teachers, and policy makers) in a dynamic interaction that aims to foster student’s creativity and interest in the Information and Communication Technologies – much like the Junior Coding Academy’s goal.