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Scratch Scratch is a free educational programming language. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Snap! A programming environment for kids. It is an extension of Scratch environment. Students can build their own blocks. Snap! (formerly BYOB) is a visual, drag-and-drop programming language. It is an extended reimplementation of Scratch (a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab) that allows you to Build Your Own Blocks. It also features first class[1] lists, first class procedures, and continuations[2]. These added capabilities make it suitable for a serious introduction to computer science for high school or college students.
Hour of Code The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching over 100 million students in more than 180 countries and gives many students the opportunity to learn computer science in a fun way! For the potential Hour of Code events organisers there are the following resources available: how-to guide for teaching an Hour of Code and some inspiring videos.
CoderDojo community The CoderDojo movement believes that an understanding of programming languages is increasingly important in the modern world, that it’s both better and easier to learn these skills early, and that nobody should be denied the opportunity to do so. CoderDojo community resource sharing platform give access to a collection of resources that is built on contributions from members of the CoderDojo community.
App Inventor MIT App Inventor is an innovative beginner’s introduction to programming and app creation that transforms the complex language of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-drop building blocks. The simple graphical interface grants even an inexperienced novice the ability to create a basic, fully functional app within an hour or less.
Alice Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a freely available teaching tool designed to be a student’s first exposure to object-oriented programming. It allows students to learn fundamental programming concepts in the context of creating animated movies and simple video games. In Alice, 3-D objects (e.g., people, animals, and vehicles) populate a virtual world and students create a program to animate the objects.
IKT i Praksis A web portal for teachers to share teaching plans and experiences with coding, run by the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education.
MakerEd The platform created by Dutch Maker Education
forerunners where teachers share their experiences with
(amongst other things) programming in education.
Microworlds Pro MicroWorlds Pro allows students to create dynamic, interactive school and Internet projects using the most powerful Logo ever developed! It lets students become active web designers not just passive web viewers. Teachers and students can use MicroWorlds Pro to enhance their understanding of MicroWorlds and to get a real sense of the depth and breadth of this powerful multimedia programming environment.
Koodi2016 A Finnish platform which supports teachers and education policy-makers with implementing programming at schools, through various types of resources.
Codekinderen A website created by Kennisnet that offers an
overview of tools and guidance for schools that want to teach
programming (in Dutch).
Dygenius DIY Genius for the curious learners and creative dreamers who want to design their own learning curriculum.
Code conquest Free Coding Guide for Beginners. Lots of information on coding. Concepts and pratical tips.
how to use basic coding Information on basic coding concepts.
Tynker Tynker is a complete learning system designed to guide kids from their very first interaction, as they build games, fly drones or mod Minecraft.Game-based courses engage young learners of any experience level in a natural and fun way.
Kodu Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills.
Code Studio Platform used for code learning
DIY Genious – Coding DIY Genius for the curious learners and creative dreamers who want to design their own learning curriculum.
Blockly Games Games for tomorrow’s programmers.
Codefights Code contests. How well can you code? Test your skills VS friends, co-workers and companies. Join a community of 500,000 devs!
BBC: Micro:bit You can use your BBC micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless. The micro:bit is a handheld, fully programmable computer being given free to every Year 7 or equivalent child across the UK. It’s 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools in the early 1980s. hub for all things micro:bit, from writing code to sharing your creations.
Code Academy Learn to code interactively, for free. Lot’s of coding courses. A reference for coding cpd or resources for classes.
Code School Learn by doing with hands-on programming courses. A few free courses that can help teachers teaching code to older or expert students. Focus on formal programming languages
MITOPENCOURSEWARE MIT documentation to learn about computer science and programming.
Virtual Reality Free Courses to learn about Virtual reality
Google Code University Site to learn code.
Tag Innovation School Coding Generation is a course on software development based gaming, with on Scratch and Arduino tools
Girls Code Fun Programming course for children, age 5-19. Main system used is Scratch
Encoding Master Several courses of coding for schools, aimed at both children and teachers
Master Coder Coding, Programming, robotics classes for 5-17 years old
Coder Kids Programming courses for groups and individuals, available for schools and privates, 8-13 years old.
Code Club Organization based in the UK, coordinating a network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Courses are on Scratch, HTML and CSS language, Python and Sense hat
Code Motion Kids coding school with 3 different learning paths, for kids from 8 to 18 years old. Based in 8 cities in italy
KOODIAAPINEN MOOC on coding for school teachers in Finland, to bring coding into the schools
Simplon Romania Simplon Romania, part of Simplon international, aside from offering coding training, it organizes workshops for school children on coding and robotics
Minecraft Coding game
Plural Sight, programming for kids Plural sight offers various computer science curricula, including an online course on coding with C#, for kids
Kids Code FUn Courses on digital skills, including coding for children in Poland
hakitzu Code Warrior Online game and app to introduce children to programming through gaming
Shaun the Sheep game academy Programming game for kids, learning to code with scratch
move the turtle Coding game for children 5+
Lightbot jr Coding game puzzle for children 4+
Scratch for Arduino S4A is a Scratch modification that allows simple programming of the Arduino open source hardware platform. It provides new blocks for managing sensors and actuators connected to Arduino. The main aim of the project is attracting people to the programming world. The goal is also to provide a high level interface to Arduino programmers with functionalities such as interacting with a set of boards through user events.
Website Development Learning Center Lists resources for different parts of the coding process including front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as complex back-end concepts like Python and SQL. The resources listed in the DeVry Bootcamp website development center could be especially useful to both experienced and beginner website coders.
Coding for Kids — How to Get Started
Collection of loads of great links that can help teach children coding skills. Accordingly to the author, Paul Turnbull, it features some of the more widely known organizations but also some of the lesser known initiatives.
Code Combat Online game, thought to teach coding in schools
Girls Code it Better Men at Work, an italian employment agency, organized a project to introduce girls to computer programming. it operates with several schools in the territory
MVU Online MVU Online has put together a guide called, “Software Coding for Kids” – in which speaks to the importance of having coding skills in today’s tech-driven world. It also talks about popular programming languages, coding career advice, and provides a very expansive list of ‘coding for kids’ type resources & further reading.
Scootie Go! Scottie Go! is an innovative game which teaches programming the young. It is a combination of cardboard tiles, which are used by the players in order to create programming commands, and an app that sets tasks and scans the proposed solutions that set Scottie and other characters in motion.
Scottie Go! involves all basic concepts of programming, ranging from basic instructions, loops, conditionals to variables and functions, and it can be used as a basic tool to introduce and teach programming. Due to the modular content, it can serve as a supplement of other tools that have previously been used to teach programming.
A unique programming interface, in the form of tiles, makes the game child-friendly and allows children to work in teams without the fear that some of them will be less involved in the work.
Khan Academy (Pixar in a Box) Pixar in a Box gives behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. The user will be able to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode. The subjects learned in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — are every day inspiration to create amazing movies at Pixar.
Blender Blender is the free & open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline which contains of: modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. Advanced users can employ Blender’s API for Python scripting to customize the application and write specialized tools; often these are included in Blender’s future releases. Blender is well suited both to individuals and small studios who may benefit from its unified pipeline and responsive development process.
Sculptris Sculptris is an app which provides an excellent gateway into the exciting world of 3D. It’s features are easy to learn, also for users with no experience in digital art, yet robust enough for creating base models that can then be refined in other applications, such as ZBrush.
ZBrush is the most widely-used digital sculpting application in today’s market and is the industry. Once you’re ready to take your Sculptris creations to the next level for detailing, rendering and integration into even the largest of projects, we welcome you to ZBrush with its unique and revolutionary tools.
Stencyl Stencyl us a gorgeous, intuitive toolset that accelerates your workflow and gets out of the way. It’s a platform which helps to create a game. Also, with extensive platform support, the user can rest assured that all players will have access to his game.
GameSalad GameSalad is the revolutionary platform helpful for game development which allows anyone to create the game of their dreams without writing a line of code. It’s also the best way to introduce programming concepts, game design and digital media creation to students which are just starting their journey with ICT.
Computer Science Education Resource Guide This SmartScholar guide can help you on computer science learning journey. It is a myriad of resources to help expand the understanding of this wide-ranging field of study. Whatever the level of expertise, you’ll find something of interest – from great introductory resources, practical coding resources, study resources and lists of podcasts and blogs.
Codakid Online coding courses for kids

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